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Re-platforming 15below in a crisis

  • 10 day website build
  • 83% reduction in average sales cycle
  • New client wins
  • Acquia Engage Award winner


The Situation

15below specialises in passenger communications for the travel industry. They give over 50 airlines, rail and other travel companies the technology to deliver targeted, personalised and automated notifications to their customers from booking to arrival and beyond.

Business was going great and the future looked bright. 

Then Covid-19 came along…

Overnight, travel stopped. Every one of their customers faced a major crisis, resulting in tens of thousands of people around the world at best being furloughed and at worst losing their jobs. Their day-to-day points of contact were suddenly no longer there, yet knew their solutions were more vital than ever before, with thousands of passengers needing to be made aware of their travel plans being cancelled.

To make matters worse, around 70% of 15below's prospect leads came from events - every one of which was now cancelled for the rest of the year. They needed to pivot - very quickly - and turned to their digital partner, (that's us, Coherence Digital) for help.


15below website on devices

The Challenge

Before the Covid crisis 15below and Coherence Digital had been planning a new strategic marketing and technology roadmap to meet 15below's objectives. Overnight we embarked on an entirely new digital transformation strategy.

We needed to change how 15below communicated with both prospects and clients and put their website at the core of their digital strategy. The old site was inflexible, blocking abilities to pivot and therefore became strategically dated and badly positioned to engage pandemic-aware visitors. Traffic continued coming to the site, but engagement was low and conversion non-existent.

They needed a site with foundations that would allow them to become agile as a business.

The ability to build content and adapt messaging quickly would be absolutely vital to 15below's success as previously they relied on Account Managers to share content.It was clear we needed to re-platform 15below’s website with a CMS which allowed speed, flexibility and scalability. It was vital the 15below marketing team had control of their CMS and were able to edit their website, change messaging, and create landing pages, without waiting for a developer.

Our Solution

    15below spoke about how we helped them survive in a crisis at the Virtual Customer engagement summit 2020, watch the video here:


    The key contributor to our success was the speed of the website build. Coherence Digital built our site in just 10 days, which was simply incredible. Without this rapid build the results would not have been possible.”

    Natalie McLeod, Head of Marketing at 15below

    "drupal logo"

    Drupal 9 CMS
    The latest open source technology so no proprietary issues


    "acquia site studio logo"

    Acquia Site Studio
    Coherence Digital are experts at integrating this unique piece of kit. It delivers low-code site builds, enabling the user to change messaging, publish and create pages. No tech or coding skills needed, publish when you want to.

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    Acquia Hosting
    Acquia provides enterprise grade cloud hosting for Drupal and over 4000 companies and organisations


    "coherence logo"

    Coherence Web Design System
    Our flexible design system takes existing brand, accessibility needs, responsive behaviours and UX principles, and bakes them into the platform. The reusable components and design patterns meant the marketing team could not go off-brand.  


    Reduction in average sales cycle

    Award winner

    We won the Acquia Engage Award for Most Creative Project

    10 Days

    A quick website build allowing for new marketing agility

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