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Digital architecture, strategy and innovation

Changing your architecture can feel like climbing a mountain. A mountain made of piles of tech all lumped together. Anything you change, could bring the whole thing crashing down.

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One size doesn't fit all

We know there are some things that have to change right now, some that need to change but can’t yet, and some that maybe never will (never being 5 years in tech land). That might mean creating a next generation DXP that integrates into your legacy ecommerce engine, or a web estate that uses multiple ecommerce engines in different markets, or a data lake that brings together your customer data platform, personalization engine and marketing automation into a common data exchange. Or it may just mean scything through the weed bed of shadow IT that has grown up around your feet.

A step-by-step approach

We specialise in providing agile and efficient architectures that help you move forward step by step. 

  • Agility. Through a build-once use-many approach, we get your code working for you in different places, but with a single source of truth to look after.
  • Integration. We build API brokers and connectors that join the things you can change with the things you can’t (or can’t yet!) with a common data model that gives the user a consistent experience
  • Consolidation. If you are looking after multiple web applications, in multiple environments, then you are most likely burning budget on technical debt, maintenance,  high opportunity cost, design debt, poor user outcomes and general misery. We provide multi-market, multi-brand, multi-use applications that live on single code sets, so you build and maintain in one place.
  • Roadmaps that work. We know your business may change at any moment. But at any given point we want a shared roadmap with you that gives you choices. So when the boss drops a bomb, you already have an answer.
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Making the complex simple

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Seamless integrations

We’ve built integrators, commerce API’s and low-code tools that allow some of the largest brands in the world to finally deliver much sought-after digital transformation.

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