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How we built a design system for a global giant.

Ever wondered how you would build a design system for a global giant? Well wonder no more, our leadership team explain how it's done.

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Re-platforming 20 global brands, hundreds of sites, each with unique brand identities? Piece of cake!

Our leadership team has been invited to speak at many industry summits and conferences over the past 12 months.

Here's one example, explaining how we solve challenges faced by clients, managing multiple sites and brands across the world. In this case, for a consumer healthcare giant (shhh...! not allowed to mention their name) and how we delivered digital efficiencies across the business. The video covers:

  • How we did it
  • The steps we used to build a tailored design system
  • The benefits our design system brings and what it looks like
  • How we enable marketing teams to rapidly change messaging, publish content and build campaign pages
  • How it's rolled-out across brand agencies and partners
  • What customer success looks like

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