We spend a huge part of our life working; how can we expect work and home lives to not become blurred? Agency life is a fast and furious business with limitations on time and availability - which isn’t always conducive to closing those tabs in your head!

I was fortunate when I joined Coherence last year that I didn’t face the first [and sometimes hardest] hurdle when it comes to a Mental Health initiative – Senior buy-in.

Our Directorate were ready and eager to shine a brighter light on Mental Health. They’ve been completely open to new ways of working which support and encourage our teams to feel safe when speaking about their Mental Health. We’ve kept our hybrid working incentive in place, added more socials to the mix, and put a spotlight on elevating agency culture.

Showing a genuine regard for their mental health speaks volumes and enhances team retention. Teams are more likely to add value if THEY feel valued. Let’s all look forward and make 2022 the year of Mental Health Awareness in Tech.