With today's announcement that Acquia has acquired Cohesion DX8 (now Acquia Site Studio) we are entering an exciting new chapter as one of the leading agencies in delivering DX8 web platforms. But what does it mean for you?

Your branded building-blocks

DX8, enables the creation of design systems - collections of re-usable branded display components that allow non-technical editors to assemble websites. Think of it as a library of on-brand content blocks (hero sections, banners, feature panels, tabbed elements, accordions, sliders, video players and so on) that can be assembled onto blank-canvas pages by your own team and populated with content.

This puts huge power into the hands of the marketeer and marketing operations team, It allows them to build their own pages, change existing pages without being restricted to cookie-cutter templates. It allows them to experiment with new content, and reverse out of it if it the analytics goes south. It provides benefits in optimisation and agile marketing practice - which we've talked about previously here.

Bring the Drupal

But this is needs to be served from within an enterprise level open source CMS, like Drupal. Drupal has powerful integration capabilities, meaning we can integrate into your CRM, DAM, personalisation engine or back office systems. It's also enterprise level secure and robust, with an extensive community of security researchers dedicated to ensuring vulnerabilities are identified and patched before they are exploited. Drupal also has powerful support for multi site applications, allowing us to rollout out multiple websites from single code platforms - providing better speed to market and consolidated support needs - with great language and localisation support. Perfect for supporting global businesses with multiple web identities.

Platform as a service for scale and agility

In turn, a CMS is only as good as the hosting platform its served from. Acquia provide enterprise cloud hosting platforms that help us scale our sites for global organisations focused on promoting their brand and reputation in an appropriate manner online. But Acquia is much more than hosting -with services like Lift, Journey and Site-Factory they are creating an end-to-end customer experience platform to rival Sitecore and Adobe. DX8 provides the key page building tool in that stack.

So, with over 20 DX8 web platform builds under our belt, and years of previous design system experience, and with a team focused on design systems for web, we are incredibly excited to learn of Cohesion DX8's acquisition. To find out how this could benefit your business - please do get in touch.